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Electronic Development

PCB LayoutTogether with our qualified cooperation partners, we provide you individual hardware and software solutions from one source. With our long-time experience in hardware development, we have the ability to develop an optimal solution based on your requirements.

Our services at a glance:

  • Control and steering electronic
    Your product demands a custom control electronic?
    According to your specifications we develop an optimal solution customized to your requirements. Wether based on processors, microcontrollers or programmable logic - we create a sustainable concept that is built on your parameters and enhanced by our engineering competence. Assured through our efficient development process, we provide for expeditious availability of your electronic component.
  • Data processing electronic
    From sensor data acquisition to data mining we provide quality solutions for your demanding tasks. By using programmable logic (i.e. FPGAs) we are able to parallelize data processing procedures and therefore add a considerable performance gain to your application. 
  • High-speed processing electronic
    Because of our long-time experience in the development of processor systems for signal and data processing we are your competent partner for the design and the implementation of high-speed processing systems. To even extend performance and efficiency of your system we combine adequate processors with powerful FPGAs and customized ip cores to obtain an optimal solution which leaves nothing to be desired.