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SFP-Adapterboard 8x with Altera HSMC connector


SFP-Adapterboard 8x mit Altera HSMC-Stecker

Key Features:

  • 8x SFP+ slots
  • Up to 6.25Gbps for each slot
  • Altera HSMC standard connector
  • Compatible to HSMC FPGA base boards
  • Uses the HSMC GTX Transceiver channels
  • SFP+ shield connection configurable (floating, system ground or external potential)
  • Optional external power supply connector or HSMC supply

Single unit price 699,- Euro exkl. VAT, for other quantities please contact us for a quote. To order the SFP-Adapterboard, please send an email to

Board description: Product Brief 1.0

The SFP-Adapterboard offers 8 SFP+ slots that are connected to a standard Altera HSMC connector. Solely the GTX transceiver channels of the HSMC connector are used, thus enabling the full-fledged transceivers of the connected Altera FPGA for communication applications. In conjuction with a suitable Altera FPGA base board (for example Terasic TR4, Altera DK-DEV-4SGX230N), the SFP-Adapterboard can be used to enhance the base board by 8 optical high speed links, each supporting a data rate of up to 6.25 Gbps.

Apart from the standardized HSMC supply rails, the SFP-Adapterboard has an optional power supply connector that can be used in cases where high-performance opto-transceivers might exceed the power output rating of the base board.

The electrical connectivity of the SFP shield is configurable (floating, system ground or external connector) to match the application requirements.

For further information on the SFP-Adapterboard and other products, please contact af inventions. We also offer custom solutions and modifications to any of our boards.