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af inventions - embedded electronics

Welcome to af inventions, the experts for embedded electronics and FPGA design.

We are your qualified partner in electronic design and FPGA development.
Besides our wide-ranging expertise in electronics design in general we offer expert knowledge in the follwing fields:

  • Programmable logic – FPGA design, IP-Core development
  • Microcontroller systems – For control and automation tasks
  • Embedded processor systems – Low power, high performance demands
  • Digital High Speed Design – For high speed data links
  • Signal integrity – Electromagnetic compatibility as an ultimate principle

FPGA experts for your project.
We implement customer specific IP-Cores and complete FPGA solutions including the hardware concept and PCB design.
We provides design services for the following FPGA vendors:

af inventions provides design services for Altera FPGAsaf inventions provides design services for Xilinx FPGAsaf inventions provides design services for Lattice FPGAs

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in knowledge
always pays
the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin